Dentists are different. The way you are paid is different; your relationship with your Principal, NHS England and your patients is unlike any other profession.

Dental professionals serious about their careers know that the dentistry is only part of making business, and this side of things needs a good team around you, to watch your back and pick up the pieces which are not your forte. Someone who has the experience, specialist knowledge and ability and who knows what they are doing will save you money, and just because they work to a standard rather than a cost doesn’t mean a huge expense.

‘Best Value’ is a buying concept which applies to many expenses; your phone, your Indemnity insurance, your car. The biggest annual business expense you have as an associate is ……… Apply the same principle. Cost against benefit. Best Value.

Buying professional services purely on price is the same as buying dental work purely on price. It won’t last.

We generally act for people who are serious about their careers, and who are really serious about not paying more tax than they have to, and occasionally are really, really serious about moving on into ownership as a Principal.

Register with us and HMRC and be guaranteed that your affairs are being dealt with from Day 1:

  • Tax minimised
  • Superannuation correct
  • Tax projected up front
  • No hidden costs

New Associates

Just finished your Foundation? What’s changing?

The first and main thing is responsibility. You now have your own number and are launched out into the clinical world as a fully fledged dentist with clinical freedom and a list of patients who have the ability to be pleased with you………. or not.

You also have financial freedom. You move from being an employee under PAYE to self employed status. You alone are now responsible for dealing with your own tax affairs, ensuring that Returns to HM Revenue and Customs are made on time, correctly, and that you are paying the right amount of tax, National Insurance and Student Loan.
There are a number of HMRC forms which need to be completed which will start off your self employed career. These are quite boring, unless they are not done on time, when penalties are imposed and suddenly they become less boring.

And of course there is the pattern of tax payments which arise for all new Associates — which may not be as fixed as you imagine. They can be manipulated in certain circumstances; either way, you want to know.

You can’t expect to know all the rules and regulations, but we do. You will have enough to do chairside, without worrying what is around the corner from the Taxman. So park this up, hand it over to someone who knows what they are doing, and let them do the job you are paying them for, whilst you get on with the job that the patient is paying you for.
Let our team take the responsibility from you in our area of expertise, leaving you free to do what you do best, concentrating on being a dentist.

We’ll guarantee:
All initial paperwork done and filed with a minimum of fuss.

… After about 5 months we’ll be in touch to:

  • review your Schedules to this point and…
  • confirm your pay is being properly calculated
  • your superannuation is being properly calculated
  • help with any problems you may have
  • firm up what is required after the tax year
  • discuss your rate of earnings and answer any financial queries you may have
  • review your overall finances
  • project your tax bills for the next 18 months

You want to know all is well!
You don’t want nasty surprises!
Minford it’s guaranteed.


For a new Associate, we do everything for £39 per month for the first year.
After that, as you get going the fees are generally in the region of £50-55 pm.
Sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more, depending on the circumstances.
Apply the concept of ‘Best Value’. It’s your career we’re talking about here.