I was banned some years ago for continuing to speak out against the regime. I love the country and its people and have many friends there, but there comes a point when you have to stand up and be counted, which I did. It has cost me, but was the right thing to do then, and it is still right today.

Our logo came from a carved giraffe bought many years ago in Harare in what was known in those days as Sam Levi’s village, so this firm’s link to Zimbabwe shines from our every page.

So will there be a huge change? I don’t think so, as the change is within the ruling party ZANU-PF, not within Parliament as a whole. We must also bear in mind that Bob Mugabe sold Zimbabwe’s soul to foreign interests to prop up his regime, mainly Gaddafi in Libya (who is now gone) and China (which has not). China still holds a lot of purse strings and she likes continuity, and is more interested in stability for her business interests than the will, economic health and democracy of the people. Very little will change without China’s say-so.

Nevertheless November 2017 is a good month.