‘Money can’t buy you happiness’, so the adage tells us. And The Beatles sang to us that ‘…money can’t buy me love’.

And no-one has disproved either of these ideas; there are still rich people who are sad and lonely, and poorer people who are happy and loved up. But of course, you may be thinking, it doesn’t take a genius to reach that conclusion.

But it may take a perceptive adviser to help you understand why managing your money effectively is the key to making life easier. Imagine peace of mind: no more surprise expenses (like tax) that you haven’t budgeted for; no more worrying about having a limited income when creating a family; and no more worrying about what you’re going to live on when you retire. These are just three areas in which money management can make a real difference.

It can also relieve some of the strain on your relationships. Did you know that money is the second most common reason for a couple to argue – that’s according to a survey conducted by www.savvywoman.co.uk. (For those who can’t bear not to know the first, it’s cleanliness/tidiness.)

If you could eradicate arguments about money from your list of points of contention, how many fewer rows do you think you would have? I think we’d all be happier with that outcome in our relationships!

Of course back in the real world that’s not going to be possible but you can improve your lot hugely by being money-smart, and that may take the help of an expert in the field. If you would like to talk about how we can help, please do contact us. You can be sure of friendly, expert advice from an experienced team.