Dental Practices have been busy preparing and submitting their Annual Reconciliation Reports before the deadline of 30 June. For the first time, all performers needed to agree the figures.

We at NASDAL have put much work into the clarification of the situation over the past couple of years. The computations of superannuated pay needed to be standardised. However, in spite of complete and comprehensive guidelines being published last year; it is frustrating that there remains confusion and misinformation regarding the calculation of Net Pensionable Earnings. We are aware of many practices still using wrong methods of calculation.

Unfortunately, NHS Pensions have done little to alleviate the situation, with numerous instances recorded of incorrect information being given out by the helpline in Eastbourne. Furthermore there does not appear to be any assistance or backing to Associates whose NPE’s have been wrongly computed if the Principal is not prepared to reconsider.

The figures submitted by practices have now been accepted by Eastbourne, irrespective of whether they have been calculated correctly. These clinicians will have been allocated the wrong amounts of Superannuation, some too much, some too little.  The quanta involved can be large, and for a young Associate with many years to retirement, there may be quite an effect on their anticipated pension when it finally arrives. Consequently, there is massive potential for future claims against practice owners where the incorrect amount of superannuation for 2012/13 has been allocated to Associate performers.

If you are at all unclear as to what the guidelines are, even if  you are not one of our clients, do feel free to contact Pam Pyper on 01904 414 471. It is in everyone’s longer term interest to get this issue resolved.

Minford are currently liaising with the Business Services Authority in order to address outstanding issues this year, and with intent to helping produce a better communicated and more transparent system for next year. This must involve clinicians, their advisors, and Eastbourne all singing from the same song-sheet.