Many dentists up and down the country will have underperformed against their NHS contracts in these last few years, often for reasons outside their control.  This results in Clawback, and very often these snowball or accumulate between one year and another, the running balance being carried forward over several years.

We are experiencing a number of cases where these rolling clawbacks are being miscalculated this year – and not generally in the dentist’s favour.

It seems that the problems are arising due to the re-forming of the PCT areas, and occur when your individual files are not transferred in their entirety from one location to another.  Clawback payments which you may already have made, or negotiated away, are therefore being left out of the equation, with the result that the total clawback now being requested may be more than it should be.

This may be picked up by either the dentist or by a specialist accountant such as ourselves, who know what we are looking for, but quite often it will not. Many dentists still have a blind faith in the data produced by the PCT and pay up, but in some cases such as this, this faith is not always well-founded.  There’s nothing sinister going on – just incomplete information – but it will be you, the dentist, who will pay.

Be very careful. Check!