Our Minford Dental Team was very pleased to be invited to join our friend and colleague Dr Sharif Khan and the team from Rockingham House, Fitzwilliam for their presentation evening ‘The Art of Comfortable Dentistry’. The event was held at the brilliant Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, which has recently been awarded the accolade of Art Fund Museum of the Year 2017. The gallery features masterpieces by its namesake Barbara Hepworth, also by Henry Moore and other local artists.

Sharif and his associate Dr Meera Aggarawal, shared with the audience number of their clinical techniques which make the experience of Implant Surgery more accurate, less painful and ultimately less stressful for the patient receiving treatment. The overarching point being made by Sharif and Meera is that less stress for the patient almost inevitably translates into subsequently less stress for the clinical team delivering the treatment.

It was interesting to have the opportunity to meet with other switched-on dental practice principals from the Yorkshire area and beyond, and to learn informally what they are doing in their practices. It broadens the knowledge we have as specialist Dental Accountants, which can only add to the benefit of our clients nationwide.

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