We are being approached quite frequently now by people who have in the recent past been advised to incorporate by others, but who have now found that circumstances have changed, and the advice previously given was perhaps a little more short-term than they have thought. Reckless, even.

Getting rid of a Limited Company, particularly when the benefits of the income/capital tax saving has been already ripped out, is not straight forward without a further material exposure to tax. The unravelling of such an arrangement may however be tailored to suit the shareholders’ particular circumstances, with the double hit to taxation being made hugely less painful. Indeed, in certain circumstances, this can be avoided almost completely – but those circumstances have to be found or created.

We have a wide experience of creatively thinking around disincorporation problems, and if there is a way to avoid the pain, we will find it.

If you have a Limited company, and are now finding that it is no longer ‘fit for purpose’ come and talk to John.