With the changes in the weather over the last couple of weeks you could be forgiven for forgetting what time of year it is! For farmers we are nearing the time of harvest, but not just yet….

This is the time of year when cash flow is bound to be an issue. With all of your money buried in the ground, with seeds, fertiliser and man hours, the bank account may be looking a bit empty. Not to mention the further expenses looming; final sprays to be bought and applied plus ever increasing oil prices adding to the expense of irrigation (if it ever stops raining) and drying costs, in addition to costs of harvest itself, all before that money can be realised.

If things are tight for you speak to your bank, or ask us to speak to them for you. A temporary expansion of your overdraft is not unreasonable at this time of year. If possible get your Accounts and Tax Return prepared before the July tax payment. Armed with the latest figures it may be possible to reduce your payment.