It’s easy to panic about saving for retirement, not least because it seems like a minefield and as every birthday passes the prospect of an impecunious old age becomes more and more scary.

In an ideal world everyone would begin saving the second they started working, but for most people that really isn’t realistic.

How can a 20-something – especially someone who has spent a minimum of five years doing an undergraduate degree in dentistry – be expected to put aside money for something that seems so far away when there are more imminent concerns such as paying rent, student loans and food?

And then there’s the question that many face of when (or if) to start a family. For some it is in their 20s, others their 30s and now an increasing number of women are having their first child in their 40s. Some are married, some are in partnerships and some are going it alone. All of which means that there are many, many variables and there’s no blanket age that indicates the best time for a woman (or indeed a man) to start paying into that retirement pot.

The best thing you can do is to consult an experienced adviser as early as you can in your career who will be able to guide you based on you career aspirations, financial expectations and family hopes. That way you can rest assured everything is in hand from day one, and will enable you to make contact on a regular basis with someone in the know not only about financial matters but also, just as importantly, about you.

If you would like impartial advice from financial experts who also understand the career trajectory of a woman in dentistry, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.