Johnny Minford and Andrew Lockhart-Mirens, specialist and distinguished dental solicitor, have together created a Dental Acquisition Protocol to help and guide dentists during the practice purchase and sale process, and reduce the delay and duplication which is becoming too common in the market and is to everyone’s disadvantage. It is a difficult and stressful process of buying or selling a practice. Even with excellent specialist advice, this can be a minefield for the dentist, and a period which should be a positive one too often becomes one of disillusionment and frustration.
The Dental Acquisition Protocol Map (“DapMap”) is a unique and fresh ‘route map’ approach to buying or selling a practice, aimed at taking the stress of avoidable delay and transaction fatigue out of the process by creating a structured framework.
This framework organises and supports each key moment, co-ordinating important time-bound elements in order to avoid the traditional pitfalls and stresses of the process.
The various practical aspects of the DapMap sets up and monitors markers and checkpoints (“milestones”) along the way to keep the sale/purchase journey as efficient and effective as possible. By using this Protocol all interested parties are kept up to date with the progress, and can be assured of minimised risk and as smooth and easy a transaction as possible.