Here’s an idea for the Chancellor for his Budget on Wednesday.

With all the rain we have had this last year and the drought which preceded it, why doesn’t he use the tax system to encourage farmers and landowners to build dams and small holding reservoirs on their land?  It would not help in times of deluge, but at least in times of drought there would be a supply for the crops and stock and less of a drain on resources for everyone else.  If embraced on a large enough scale, there may even be broader public positive implications.

The sort of tax mechanisms which may be applied would be to give specific allowances for dam or reservoir creation.  It should also of course be inclusive for those landowners who already have dams, but which may have fallen into disrepair through lack of use.  With the current first year allowances being ratcheted up from a misely £25,000 to a giddy £250,000 this would provide many small to medium landholders with something useful to spend their money on.