What a contrast between the dry heat of Malton Show and the wet chill of the Great Yorkshire Show!  However the good-natured approach was the same – by the humans anyway, if not the beasts.

Suddenly the combines are out in force, on a light and stony land where travelling is not an issue. Winter Barley crops whilst looking thick in the field are producing very variable yields nationally. Locally farmers are reporting yields at present being close to average, but quality is poor with low bushell weights. Early drilled crops that have not been protected and have suffered from BYDV are producing very low yields.

Early predictions for OSR are below average.

Wheat crops in some areas are producing small grains and with fusarium affected crops resulting in blind grain sites. Wheat yields are also therefore likely to be variable.

However if this good weather continues drying costs will be low and travelling conditions will continue to improve and with prices remaining relatively high it bodes better than we thought for arable farm finances.  There is no long term sustained change in the weather outlook for USA/Canada, nor for Eastern Europe or Russia, but increasingly farmers are considering selling forward now as potentially relatively higher yields in the UK effect prices more locally.

A period of settled drier warmer weather will fairly much suit everybody in the countryside, but let us not forget the milk men in their continuing fight with distributors and retailers.  Perhaps enough has been blogged about this already.

We look forward to seeing as many as possible at our stand H11 at the Ryedale Show next Tuesday.