Practice purchase

Looking for a practice to buy? Already found one?

At what value?

We can value your target practice in detail, or we can analyse the valuation formed by one of the selling agents. There is a wide difference in approach across the UK. Some practices stack up financially, many do not; the price being also a function of the local marketplace, not always business sense.

We isolate the areas of risk, financial and otherwise for you, and set out a practical plan of action of what you should do to make the practice work for you after your acquisition.

We have links with the specialist lenders and banks, and can generally get a better deal for you than if you made the approach yourself. This also applies to the legal aspects — working with us WILL make the costs of purchase cheaper.

There are several ways a purchase might be approached; some will be to your benefit, some will most definitely not. We can guide you through the process, working with your legal team and the Bank, negotiating on your behalf to ensure the best deal possible is achieved.

As experienced specialists in the field, you can save so much by working with people who already know all the tricks and wrinkles.

Practice Comparisons

As members of NASDAL (National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants & Lawyers) we contribute to the annual dental statistics database, which provides a benchmark for NHS, private and mixed practices, either as Principals or Associates.

Of course every practice is different. It’s not the comparison that matters, but the reasons behind the variations, and the context. This is a very useful way to explore not only how, but why the practice operates as it does, and if any changes are possible or desirable.

If you’d like to get the benefits of Benchmarking your practice, please send us a message.