Get a-head in the Cloud

We believe that Cloud accounting is the future of accounting. With access to financial data and information round-the-clock (as long as you have an Internet connection), wherever you are, integrating Cloud computing into your IT infrastructure will mean that your business will become much more agile and efficient. You’ll also save time and money.

It works by transmitting your data directly into the Cloud where many accounting and bookkeeping functions can be automated in real-time. The reports and information you need for rapid decision-making are always there, secure and easily accessible. As a result, you spend less time and effort on accounts administration. And since, it integrates with mobile devices, such as your Smartphone, there’s more functionality. For instance, with some systems you can take photographs of receipts and upload them. It’s as simple as that. There’s no need for back-ups and paperwork is significantly reduced.

Keep your business moving

Cloud accounting is made possible by software such as Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, freeagent and Kashflow, applications we use on a daily basis at Minford. All our staff are experts, not only in the operation cloud accounting packages, but in applying that technology to real life business scenarios, creating solutions that work for your organisation.
For businesses with staff that work on the go, at home or in multiple locations, one of the biggest benefits of Cloud accounting is mobility. Cloud accounting gives you the opportunity to do business and collaborate with your team members, whenever and wherever you are - in real time.

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