Director Support & Company Secretarial Services

Many of our clients have excellent financial management through a finance director or financial controller. However, if this is not the case, we can step into the breach as a regular “professional partner”, helping and assisting in this specialist area in a way that the other directors on the Board do not cover. This can often be a helpful closing of the chinks in the armour of the enterprise, either giving additional comfort in challenging times or providing expert operational strength and support in times of growth.

For companies (or indeed partnerships) with a number of directors or partners, introduction of a Chairman for meetings can often be a benefit. Proceedings can be kept to an agenda, on track and comments can be made to the chair in a business-like manner which might not be so easily made between working partners (who might be family members). This can at times enable unpalatable matters to be aired and resolved rather than festering in stony silence only to blow up badly at an inopportune time in the future.

We can on occasions act beneficially as a “non-executive director/partner”. An outsider’s view, informed but unencumbered by history, is often refreshingly different and can be an aid to the board or partners thinking “outside the box”. A non-executive can be blunt or play ‘devil’s advocate’ in a way that people who must work together everyday cannot possibly be.

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Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial tasks are often regarded by directors as onerous work which provides little benefit to the company. We can take the burden away from you, diarising and dealing with your filing online so that the directors’ duties are always fulfilled and up to date.

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