Practice Sales and Retirement

Ready to go?

The difference between maximising the value of your life’s work — or not — isn’t just negotiating hard in the sale process. It’s also in the preparation of your practice for sale. This doesn’t start when you approach the Agent, but two – three years or more before.

We can take your practice and your circumstances and visualise what it should look like to a buyer to achieve the best for you, and we help you work towards realising that vision at the optimum time.

The objective?

Maximum value to cost, minimum stress.vw-camper-336606_640

And it doesn’t end there, of course. It’s a sobering thought that with Inheritance Tax at 40%, it’s ironic that without good Inheritance Tax planning much of the tax saving work done during a person’s lifetime can easily and inadvertently be thrown away.

Sensible retirement planning in good time BEFORE sale often throws surprising light on the approach to the sale. And bear in mind that you might just have almost as many years ahead of you in retirement as you had in work! Is that scary, or exciting?