Regular Bookkeeping and VAT Returns

Accurate and timely accounting information is important for the decision making process of running any business. Good internal bookkeeping is critical to give the management adequate tools to properly manage.
We can help keep your internal accounts up to date in a way which provides regular and reliable key management information.

In these days of strict financial times, this assumes a much greater importance. When a business’s working capital is provided by the bank, then timely and reliable management accounts give the bank confidence. If there are temporary difficulties, the bank is therefore much more likely to support where the business have been seen to be in control.
If on the other hand expansion finance is required, a strong control helps downgrade the risk and therefore the cost of the funding, as well as making it easier for the bank to say Yes’.

It also follows that the underlying accounts records can be organised to flow automatically into the year end procedures, making the annual accounts preparation much easier, quicker, and cheaper.
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Your VAT Returns

VAT Returns need to be completed within strict deadlines, or surcharges will ensue. We help you to meet these deadlines and in many cases can incorporate the VAT Return preparation into work which usefully avoids duplication at the year end. When VAT Return preparation is undertaken as part of your internal accounting, then the Return quite often simply runs off the system at little extra workload and cost.

The VAT system is complex and it is all too easy to get it wrong. Just as importantly there are a number of reliefs and exemptions, which might be usefully adopted, which would actually lower the amount paid.
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