Don’t let tax be taxing

Dealing with tax is an inevitable part of running a business. No one like doing it, but it’s not something you can avoid. Fortunately, at Minford, we’re passionate about your tax, so you can leave it to us while you get on with running your business. There’s nothing more we enjoy than discovering new ways of lowering your tax liabilities.

Our approach is to try to deal with tax compliance early in the year so you are able to:

  • Budget for your tax bill
  • Optimise tax planning in order to pay less
  • Plan your business decisions

As a result, we’re able to spot opportunities that other accountancy firms might miss. And, we’ll continually review your situation as your business evolves, to ensure your tax affairs remain optimised.

Private client taxation

Tax planning designed round you

Many of our clients are High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) with complex tax affairs. While these are designed to maximise returns and protect capital for the long term, we can advise on best ways to structure your finances in order to reduce the income tax liability and retain more funds for further investment, or fit your investments to your lifestyle.  The secret to our success is our holistic approach.

Our estate planning solutions are designed to help you maintain your wealth, reviewing and adjusting your structure of your plan as your needs and lifestyle change.

Furthermore, in a global economy, we have partnerships overseas that enable us to handle account and tax issues relating to other regions around the world, including FX and other associated risks.

For a thorough review of your tax affairs make an appointment today.