The African connection

Minford has historically had connections with Africa, particularly in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Much of our work there (but not all) was related to the agriculture and tourism sectors – which have taken rather a downturn these last years. Zimbabwe in particular has been heart-breaking. We have watched clients’ businesses destroyed, but to break the indomitable Zimbabwean spirit takes longer.

We don’t just deal with Africa though. Our hands-on experience there has given us skills and attitudes which mean we are very at home dealing with all sorts of international transactions wherever they may be in the world. We consequently have clients in many countries who value our ability for a global vision.

Services we offer on the continent include:

  • Market research (with Import and Export)
  • Opening business channels of communication
  • Optimising transaction exposure with regard to:
    • Exchange rates
    • Tax rates
    • Interest rates
    • Organisation of finance
    • Offshore taxation services